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Welcome to Frequently Asked Questions; here we answer frequently asked questions.

Readings to children vary by age:
0-4 years old
5-8 years old
9-11 years old
12-17 years old


It all depends on the age and the stakes.
0-2 years
you will seek to name the colours, shapes and objects contained in the book by pointing to them with your finger.
1-5 years
Bring the reading to life by singing or miming the passages; especially re-read the stories they love: happiness is found there.

This is our main role. Come join our Alha+ program and enjoy the pleasure of learning to read and write with other adults. If you are ashamed to do it with the third parties, personalized courses are also available to you.


In effect. Our e-School space is dedicated to it. What's more, you can still take advantage of the lessons by webcam or videoconference.


Since 2017, the Oriented program manager has been visiting organizations that request it to offer a free information session for a return to school. This very enriching exchange makes it possible to respond directly to questions asked on subjects such as training, courses offered, diploma equivalences and others.
But in our centers, directly, this information is also guaranteed to you.

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Every trimester, in our centres, we organize writing and reading workshops. You can participate in the announcement, by subscribing to our Newsletter.

By becoming a member of our association. Send us a cover letter and CV.