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Intellium Global Association, it is 44 young Cameroonian and Chadian volunteers who work tirelessly with dedication, conviction and humanity. We have to date 105 ambassadors who virtually represent us in Belgium, Cameroon, Gabon, France and Chad. Our association also benefits from the precious generosity of sponsors and donors who allow the most vulnerable to flourish.

We create permanent contact with our targets.

in the program Alpha+
since 2017
in the program Oriented
since 2017
in the program Rural
since 2017

in the program Agir+
since 2017

The 6-point program

momentum of the heart

Remote villages, out-of-school children, abandoned women are all concerns that challenge us.

Here and elsewhere

Proximity to populations is our asset. We conduct awareness campaigns and promote collective success.

You like change

Do you like change? U.S. too. With each passing day, we find effective ways to guarantee you hope.

Our vision

Nothing great has been accomplished without a dream, a vision, a project. Working for the benefit of society is a major challenge for us.

Let's win together

The prosperity of a community resides in the communion of its members. So be yourself the change you love.

Team spirit

Come and take part in our action and, together, let's work to transform our respective societies. Tomorrow belongs to us.

A CSO that advocates the educational economy

In view of the low school enrollment rate of children aged 0 – 14 in peri-urban and rural areas of Cameroon; after evaluation of the complexity of caring for young teenage mothers and illiterate adults; noting the lack of breath of the public authorities in the supervision of young people in self-employment: Intellium works to meet these challenges, through the creation of employment, the education of minorities and the marginalized.

Through its Center and its many listening, guidance and social reintegration centres, the association facilitates the re-schooling of neglected children; conducts intensive and practical training several times a year for illiterate adults; innovates in its training in entrepreneurship for unemployed adults and young people and holds throughout the year, intensive refresher courses and academic support courses.

Intellium Global Association is today a CSO that advocates the educational economy in all its variants, on behalf of out-of-school children, the disabled, the unemployed, illiterate adults and young mothers who are precocious.

“Be the change you want to see in the world”


Act with us and make no mistake.

There are very many of these children who drop out of school early. Some socially disadvantaged, others physically. These are our main targets. You can change their situation by helping us to better support them.

Our programs

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