Friends of the Foundation

There are many individuals, groups and institutions that accompany us on a daily basis. Join the movement and, together, let's come to the aid of third parties!

Why become a friend of
the foundation ?

You won't lose anything

Working for a social cause is a sustainable investment. Leave your mark on posterity and you will be proud of it!


There is no specific time when you can act. Every day is an opportunity to do better than usual. You will find a lot of happiness there.

They will tell you

Our beneficiaries are full of gratitude and know how to show it to you. Give them a chance to show it to you and you won't be disappointed.

Print your brand

The friends of our organization wear the colors of life. They bring hope and guarantee our needy people confidence and solidarity. Imprint your brand in "gold"

We are a team

We are very committed volunteers. Our collective energy is limitless. Everyone who joins us leaves with a new personality.

We count on you too

You are a unique person; your sensitivity to the suffering of others does not make you indifferent. This is why you engage with us.

like a cloud

Sensitive souls are like clouds: in the sky they shine with kindness and on earth they restore hope. Become for us like these clouds!

We will arrive together

Proximity to populations is our asset. We conduct awareness campaigns and promote collective success. You can take part in it.

The fast service

We act in our immediate environment. Our solutions are durable and our secrets imperishable, because they stem from the universal values of humanity.