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There are very many of these children who drop out of school early. Some socially disadvantaged, others physically. You can change their situation by helping us to better support them and promote equal opportunities. Your sponsorship action is a civic commitment and a social responsibility.


Our targets

(1) Illiterate (the undereducated and the uneducated, very often driven by feelings of abandonment and guilt). (2) Disabled (limited in mobility, but with significant assets. They are generally very open to entrepreneurship, sewing, hairdressing and even agriculture). (3) Street children who deserve rapid reintegration in order to limit any risk of vandalism and/or organized crime. (4) Unemployed (those requiring retraining for self-employment).

What do you need to know about the "Sponsorship" program?

The steps to sponsor?

  1. You send letters of encouragement to your sponsored child or to the head of services. Encouragement contributes to the development of a person. Your letter of encouragement will do even better. Little words that tell this child that he matters to him, are a new breath for his flight. Thus, your correspondence will contribute to the emotional balance of your godson.
  2. Your voluntary offering contributes to financing all the projects of the year. To ensure the good physical and mental health of your godson, activities are set up all year round to do this. Consequently, your voluntary offering will contribute to financing these activities which will allow him, in addition to ensuring his good health, to develop aptitudes and skills that can facilitate his good social integration.
  3. You receive monthly news from your sponsored child. How is she ? What is she doing ? What is she saying ? Here are some of the questions you may have about your godchild's condition. Intellium informs you monthly about the physical, emotional and moral situation of your sponsored child. A detailed description of its living conditions and, if you wish, in image or video, an overview of its activities are also sent to you.

We need everyone!

Act with us: do you want to participate? The evaluation of the implementation of the various programs of Intellium Global Association, across Cameroon and Africa, indicate that children under the age of 12 are the most vulnerable in conditions of crisis, war, poverty . Whether in literacy, orientation, support or social reintegration, our vision is oriented towards early childhood and youth. Our surveys limited in space and time indicate how urgent it is to take care of these fragile targets, victims of certain social dynamics, internal and external factors.

One of the major aspects to be taken into account concerns the very vision of the Sponsorship Program that we have set up: it must improve its inclusive, integrating character vis-à-vis other actors in civil life to better guarantee the adaptation to the socialization of third parties, to rapid changes in towns and villages and to the new challenges of living together, “free together”. This is the reason why it could be said that social responsibility seen from this angle must be able to integrate all the objectives of sustainable development.

Our sponsorship program interactively takes into account ideological, political, economic and social dimensions. It excludes all forms of discrimination based on race, tribe, religion, sex or age. Affiliations and identity atavisms have no place in this global vision of unity in diversity.

Such an arrangement requires a partnership synergy between different bodies, namely public or private institutions, civil society, communities, companies, technical and financial partners, individuals who can provide assistance on an ad hoc or continuous basis.

Finally, everyone can participate in the integration or reintegration of an individual, even if he is a pre-adolescent, disabled, neglected. The most important thing in sponsorship is not to make a donation with a view to getting rid of moral weight, but to act in accordance with the principles of solidarity, sharing and equality.

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