Focused on the cartographic study of digital businesses run by women, capacity building and support for the strategic development of 100 women entrepreneurs in Cameroon per year, the Blue Ocean Accelerator for Women program is part of a proof of concept that provides more information on the empowerment of women and the revitalization of the local micro-economy of which it is the essence.

Providing smart money to women entrepreneurs enables them to build businesses that benefit many communities and inspire future generations to become problem solvers.


Women supported in this program.

Our approach is inclusive and promotes the integration of all categories of women, from artisans to entrepreneurs.

Overview of the BOA4Her program

Between the continuous improvement of productivity and the qualitative progress of enterprises carried by women in Cameroon, the BOA4Her program is implemented by Intellium Global Perspective through the enhancement of comparative advantages between competitive sectors and target profiles. The challenges of this program revolve around three axes:

  1. Improving women's access to financial products and financing opportunities contributes to the structuring of their businesses and the implementation of good practices.
  2. Capacity building for female entrepreneurs promotes mastery of the management of sustainable and growing structures;
  3. The development of digital culture for women is a strategic challenge for the promotion and sustainability of the local economy.

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